Friday, September 28, 2007

CDW Leaving Rusport

So sez Mr. Rumor --------Yikes!

Champ Car Schedule in Two Weeks

So says SJ in a Mexican Paper interview, and everyone will be happy!

Hum, let's see if they hit this date - wonder what will make everyone happy?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Champ Car Planning to Invade Indy 500 in 08

Champ Car has been working on a plan to go to Indy in 2008. The plan involves a super team that will be made up of a sort of all star cast determined by 2007 performances of drivers and crews. The exact method of determining who would be selected to this all star team has not been released.

It is rumored that there could be a many as 2 cars entered in the 08 event but that it will likely be only 1 in 08 with the number expected to grow in 09.

The chassis will be purchased just as the current IRL teams do but the engine will be a reworked Cosworth based on the one supplied to the IRL teams before. Robert Clarke was heard to say YES finally some engine competition.

When asked if this was just a PR ploy officials said, hell no we plan to win – we need the money.

Champ Car hopes to make this “Win and go to Indy” an integral part of the series and hopes to eventually dominate the 500. They are hoping this will help them to reclaim their dominance in open wheel racing. They estimate the exposure will be worth millions in sponsorships to the Champ Car teams……… Then I heard the alarm clock ……ugh!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Trumoil in Champ Car Schedule

Champ car has decided to abandon the San Jose Street race and return to Laguna Seca in 08. Event is rumored to be in mid May. Can anyone say Zoom Zoom? Is there a connection to the event and a possible engine badge deal?

The event will also feature the Grand Sham cars, like in Long Beach a couple years ago.

Hard to tell if we are coming or going isn't it?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

More Paper,,,,,,

Ok, as promised here's my take on what "Paper" was trying to say.

"First, the advesarial aspect of two entities who DO have the power to make the next step of Champcar extremely difficult are working. One is american, the other outside america. NEITHER involve TG."

The two entities are likely the FIA and NASCAR or the ISC. Apparently his contact has suggested they somehow interfered with the Phoenix operation causing it to fail. A second possibility is that financing dried up due to the current credit crunch. So Paper believes that CCWS should stand up and fight back.

Fight what, the way I see it if there was interference and it is believed to be tortious then they need to decide if they could win their claim in court and if so proceed. However it's possible they simply got out maneuvered by a competing business. If that the case then shame on them and let's hope they file it in lessons learned!

Now why is that? As weak as we may be we are on a precipice to reach a very substantial level as a series. WHY? we do something neat for less.

Not trying to put words in his sentences but I think if we substitute a word or two here we come up with what he intended to. So delete precipice and reword to include brink. Now I think it means that the series is about to become a force to be reckoned with.

Perhaps but only a seriously fanatical fan would think so, of course that would be how you would describe "PAPER",,,,,,,, and his patented commas,,,,,,

Herewith another post where he is defending his sources and his right to keep them confidential.

Quoted from Fanatics Forum:

I emailed in the morning when this was leaked on TF by someone in INDY. My response came when someone was not in a plane. I then asked if I could say whats up on our forum as it was goofy on others. So yeah I knew most of the day, this was only a half a day past the promoter bailing. I chose not to run here saying anything without permission. Some of what caused this is a banking industry situation that Im sure anyone reading the news will understand. When there are independent promoters contracted theres always a chance things can be interupted. The series and the most popular scapegoat in most frustrations took on nascar and the ISC earlier this year and won, this time by another avenue things got railroaded. The endless demands for me to spill every last detail to anonymous screen names ., some insulent , is never going to happen. I have no idea who some of you are, and then theres the very public viewing. Some things cant be shared until theres a feeling of trust. So shoot the messenger ,,Im used to it. Hopefully and its mandatory in my opinion there will be a group statement when all can sit together . Right now the main breifing is in the air on a 12 hr flight. For those who jump to thinking CC owners waited until everyone was out of the country.. You have pinned the tail on the wrong donkey. paper

A Champ Car Fan Named Paper,,,,,,


Originally Posted by paper
this may be merged, but Ive waited for a go ahead. The series WILL NOT be over or jeopardized by the Phoenix cancellation, It is in NO way a mess or foulup on series management. IT became out of all hands, JUST LIKE china. Now you can believe me or you can not. The most important thing that is upon us it two fold, I said TWO FOLD. First, the advesarial aspect of two entities who DO have the power to make the next step of Champcar extremely difficult are working. One is american, the other outside america. NEITHER involve TG. Take a breath there. Now why is that? As weak as we may be we are on a precipice to reach a very substantial level as a series. WHY? we do something neat for less. NOW , one can get behind this or freak out posting a bunch of bunk about who is at fault bla bla bla, and some yesterday crap. SECONDLY,, save your boos for IF and when our series leaders dont come out of the pouting spell and stand the **** up against this. IF they dont and soon, then boo, ITs gone on to long. Kevin,, Gerry, Dan, Paul,, kick ass and take no prisoners ,,,,,,, After all some of you are beyond ready. Mods.. please let this thought stand alone. Ive waited ALL day to post it. I needed permission. and CCF, lets endorse kicking ass of the assassins who seek our demise, not each other or anyone wearing our colors. If we dont, we fickin screwed. are you with that? Not are you with frickin "paper" are you with that? This has been a very frustrating day. make it better by getting behind this series. pat

This was posted by "Paper" on the fanatics forum, a frequent poster of everything good about Champ Car. This post set of a flurry of posts by the fanatics loyalists and others over the canaellation of the Phoenix event.

There are more different opinions about this than MONK has issues, ranging from CCWS immediate demise to everything is wonderful.

Many have criticized paper, a self procalimed fan with certain connections, for being cryptic.

What do you think he is saying here?

My guess later!