Monday, September 17, 2007

Champ Car Planning to Invade Indy 500 in 08

Champ Car has been working on a plan to go to Indy in 2008. The plan involves a super team that will be made up of a sort of all star cast determined by 2007 performances of drivers and crews. The exact method of determining who would be selected to this all star team has not been released.

It is rumored that there could be a many as 2 cars entered in the 08 event but that it will likely be only 1 in 08 with the number expected to grow in 09.

The chassis will be purchased just as the current IRL teams do but the engine will be a reworked Cosworth based on the one supplied to the IRL teams before. Robert Clarke was heard to say YES finally some engine competition.

When asked if this was just a PR ploy officials said, hell no we plan to win – we need the money.

Champ Car hopes to make this “Win and go to Indy” an integral part of the series and hopes to eventually dominate the 500. They are hoping this will help them to reclaim their dominance in open wheel racing. They estimate the exposure will be worth millions in sponsorships to the Champ Car teams……… Then I heard the alarm clock ……ugh!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had this same idea myself. ChampCar should create a Super Team for Indy and go crush the IRL. Do this a few years in a row and the weakness of the IRL will be on display for everyone to see.

6:44 PM  

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