Wednesday, December 05, 2007

PT vs Forsythe Pettit

Just when it starts to "feel good" we get this!

Quote from Vivian Tracy - PTs Mom - who occasionaly posts on the Champcar Fanatics forum.

Here's the heart of the matter from a real "insider".

PT has a binding four year contract with Forsythe Racing, with no "out" clauses and no "performance" clauses on either side, and with both parties committed to the contract until the end of the four years.

As far as PT is concerned, he is prepared to honour his commitment to this contract. He is not sure FCR has the same aspirations.Where this will end up no one knows, but if PT gets released from Champ Car, he will continue to race somewhere, be it IRL, ALMS, NASCAR wherever, as this is what he does .

Second post after many were claiming this to be a rumor started by rumor mongers...........

Quoting PTs Mom:

Believe me, these are no idle rumours. I started this thread at the request of PT. The original draft was a lot longer and a whole lot more bitter. However we decided to tone it down so as not to burn bridges, As anyone can imagine, PT is pretty steamed about the whole affair, feeling badly betrayed after his loyalty to the series through thick and thin .



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