Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hey CC - Denver, China, Phoenix Three Strikes You’re Out………08?

Let’s hope not, however Champ Car just cannot seem to string much good news together these days.

Many are calling for Steve Johnson’s hide, blaming him for the latest news dump indicating that the Phoenix Grand Prix won’t happen. In today’s press release CC has stated that the Phoenix GP has been cancelled mostly due to a lack of interest of businesses in Phoenix and their failure to embrace the event with sponsorship.

The promoter of the Phoenix event, also the promoter of the LVGP, spent a reported 15 million on infrastructure to be used at both events an amortized over both. The Promoter is now saying that the decision to cancel Phoenix will not have any effect on the LVGP. Well if you believe that I have some – well you know the rest. I couldn’t disagree more, how in the world can a promoter expecting two events to provide economies of scale for a profit say that only one will continue and it will be OK.

If Vegas happens in 08 it could be the last time unless the promoter finds another event the restore the economies of scale he so badly needs to remain in the business. Look for the Vegas 08 rumors to start soon.

As for SJ, I didn’t like him as a pick when he was announced and here’s why. I have never met the man, never interviewed the man but one thing on his resume would have had me putting it on the bottom of all the rest of the applications, his propensity to change jobs! I don’t like someone that moves around job to job as much as he has. I believe strongly in the adage, “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior”. And now we are told that SJ has not moved to the location of his job but has chosen to commute from, Kansas I think it is. That is a huge no no in my opinion.

In a company, large or small, private or public, the performance of the company is directly tied to the leader, the number one in charge. For CCWS that could be said to be Kevin, we can’t really be sure without being there but whomever it is they had better check in at the office before this thing gets away from them.

It’s going to get interesting!

PS How about communicating with us a little more!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Champ Car Indy 500 2008 Tony Cotman Holy Cow

The latest who ha over on the Fanatics Forum is a heated debate over the notion that CC might be interested once again in running the I 500. This latest debate was set off by Robin Miller on the latest Wind Tunnel program on Speed.

There Miller said that Tony Cotman had told him that he had dinner with TG and suggested that he would be trying to convince CC to keep the upcoming 2008 schedule open in May as well as convince the teams that they should try to run Indy. Also telling TG that this wasn’t going to be a charity deal, meaning that cc would pay their way.

So the disclaimer is, if there is one, he will be trying to convince basically everyone in CC. Good Luck TC.

CC Teams have difficulty obtaining sponsors and adding the money needed to run Indy to the mix could make it even more difficult. When I look at the field of sponsors in the IRL it just doesn’t add up. There are some big names and some little names. Big like 7-11, primarily a Japanese company, - wonder how that works? The NYSE, what is the NYSE doing sponsoring a team. The point is this league runs Indy and their sponsors aren’t exactly what could be expected so how in the hell is CC, whose sponsors are even less prominent going to get funding for Indy.

However perhaps CC should make the Indy a part of their schedule and here’s why. From a business stand point participating in Indy could in fact make the sponsor thing go a little easier. And IF the project is taken seriously and funded well it might be possible to dominate Indy. If that domination is grand enough it could change the way some think and who knows what happens after that.

How many and which CC teams go to Indy isn’t important, what is though, is that it’s the crème Del la crème. Maybe an all star team or two made up of the best we have! The object is to win and win convincingly. I believe this could lead to an eventual end to the stalemate in OWR.

So how does CC go about making this happen, hey don’t ask me I just blog. But I have some ideas. CC give me a call, I’ll fill you in!

Anybody care to guess what year a CC entry will participate again at Indy?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Doornbos Out Strategizes Field at San Jose

RD decided to use the latest in Champ Car race strategies and out witted the rest of the field to win the San Jose Grand Prix.

After crashing into a fellow competitor at the first turn of the first lap he went on to win the race thanks to the timing of a few well placed yellows and a new front wing. Sound familiar?

The new front wing must have had some magic in it as he eventually ended up being the class of the field in the last few laps.

Tracy’s dismal year continued when the he and the team missed the pit call for fuel and he ran out on the track. I see a big story coming from all this! By the way where is Gerry these days?

Bore – day’s point lead has shrunken to a manageable 10 points, perhaps Robert or Will can actually beat him, - but don’t count on it!