Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So Long Champ Car

I wanted to wait until the LBGP and post a little something about the event before ending this blog. But what's to say? The race was only special in that it is the Champ Car opening and only event of the 2008 season. And so it is also the very last Champ Car Race forever.

I've seen a few racing series collapse over the years, IMSA and CanAm are two which come immediately to mind but none was harder to reconcile in my mind than Champ Car.

So as this BLOG represents everything Champ Car it too must come to an end.

Because there are a few posts here that continue to get a lot of hits, particularly the Ethanol vs Methanol post, I plan to leave the blog up for as long as Google allows.

Thanks to all of the readers!