Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Champ Car Fan Named Paper,,,,,,


Originally Posted by paper
this may be merged, but Ive waited for a go ahead. The series WILL NOT be over or jeopardized by the Phoenix cancellation, It is in NO way a mess or foulup on series management. IT became out of all hands, JUST LIKE china. Now you can believe me or you can not. The most important thing that is upon us it two fold, I said TWO FOLD. First, the advesarial aspect of two entities who DO have the power to make the next step of Champcar extremely difficult are working. One is american, the other outside america. NEITHER involve TG. Take a breath there. Now why is that? As weak as we may be we are on a precipice to reach a very substantial level as a series. WHY? we do something neat for less. NOW , one can get behind this or freak out posting a bunch of bunk about who is at fault bla bla bla, and some yesterday crap. SECONDLY,, save your boos for IF and when our series leaders dont come out of the pouting spell and stand the **** up against this. IF they dont and soon, then boo, ITs gone on to long. Kevin,, Gerry, Dan, Paul,, kick ass and take no prisoners ,,,,,,, After all some of you are beyond ready. Mods.. please let this thought stand alone. Ive waited ALL day to post it. I needed permission. and CCF, lets endorse kicking ass of the assassins who seek our demise, not each other or anyone wearing our colors. If we dont, we fickin screwed. are you with that? Not are you with frickin "paper" are you with that? This has been a very frustrating day. make it better by getting behind this series. pat

This was posted by "Paper" on the fanatics forum, a frequent poster of everything good about Champ Car. This post set of a flurry of posts by the fanatics loyalists and others over the canaellation of the Phoenix event.

There are more different opinions about this than MONK has issues, ranging from CCWS immediate demise to everything is wonderful.

Many have criticized paper, a self procalimed fan with certain connections, for being cryptic.

What do you think he is saying here?

My guess later!


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