Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Doornbos Out Strategizes Field at San Jose

RD decided to use the latest in Champ Car race strategies and out witted the rest of the field to win the San Jose Grand Prix.

After crashing into a fellow competitor at the first turn of the first lap he went on to win the race thanks to the timing of a few well placed yellows and a new front wing. Sound familiar?

The new front wing must have had some magic in it as he eventually ended up being the class of the field in the last few laps.

Tracy’s dismal year continued when the he and the team missed the pit call for fuel and he ran out on the track. I see a big story coming from all this! By the way where is Gerry these days?

Bore – day’s point lead has shrunken to a manageable 10 points, perhaps Robert or Will can actually beat him, - but don’t count on it!


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