Saturday, July 29, 2006

NEW Panoz DP01

Photos Courtesy of CCWS

WickerBill Sez;

Gelles Racing is moving up to Champ Car announcing last night at the unveiling that they were first to place an order for the new livery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm talking about how it looks from a negative point of view.

If those pictures shows of this Panoz DP01 was actually the final product, to be revealed at San Jose, I will not watch watch this car for 2007 again - in my opinion.

Panoz should have build a car which is simply and purely recognizable and not entirely different. Some or most fans may not want to watch this "AF1 series car" next year.

The car has some resemblence of an F-1 at the front car. The rear wing looks like an F-3 and an IRL-type. The sidepods are quite nice though. BUT REALLY PANOZ, is that what it is a true champcar if it is the final car??? I (in my humble opinion) say NO, there is too much resemblance of different car than a true-Champcar.

Some or maybe most fans may not recognize this car as a "True-Indycar". I may have to ask American Open-Wheel Fans this: Is this ACTUALLY the future of an American Open-Wheel Car?

6:10 PM  

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