Monday, May 22, 2006

1 Bourdais, 2 Bourdais, 3 Bourdais, Four?

Sebastain Bourdais made it three in a row at Monterrey Sunday with his third victory in as many tries. After leading the first stint he was passed during the first pit stop only to regain the lead at the next stop. Nothing seemed to bother the Frenchman, not even a near miss of a back marker, as he went on to complete the last stint and bring home his third win of the year.

Next I suppose he will show us how to do circles!

There were an estimated 76,000 in attendance for the three day event. Yes I said only 76,000 for the three days. Long Beach draws that many for the race. Gerry Forsythe indicated that this could be the last event there.

There goes another permanent road course!


Blogger patrick said...

Shame that Franck Montagny didn't get a Champcar ride - I think he had the potential to really give Bourdais a run for his money. As it is there's Bourdais and Wilson in Champ Cars right now, and after that there's um.... not really anyone in the same class, especially now Tracey seems to have gone off the boil

11:24 AM  

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