Tuesday, June 27, 2006

CCWS IRL Merger Update

According to the Indy Star.

1. TG and KK have agreed conceptuallyto share ownership. Needed is a mediator for resolving disagreements!
2. Talks are continuing to have Champ Car teams run Indy in 2007.


WickerBill Sez;

Who will own the American League and who will own the International League?

Mario Andretti and Rick Mears have both been mentioned as possible mediators for the new series. Frankly I don't think either has what it takes to be Commisioner. This arrangement will fail without a single strong leader. Right Dan Gurney?

Finally as I have said before, an overnight coming together won't happen it will have to be a phased operation. At least that looks like what they are considering.


Blogger the fan said...

hope it doesn't come to this, but as the seasons both wind down here's a blog. http://www.unifynow.blogspot.com/
calling for a unified roar from all open wheel racing fans united "as fans"

2:22 PM  

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