Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Allmendinger Makes it Two Straight

57,000 watched as AJ not only avoided the wall Sunday he mostly avoided the agricultural racing that the other competitiors were participating in. Except for a brief shunt at the begining of the race which required some minor repairs he ran another very good race winning the Cleveland event.

It was a rather dizzying race with all of the spins and shunts that occured. PT and SB came together again, this time bullet proof Bourdais got the short end of the deal and was taken out and taken to the hospital for CT scans. Tracy's car climbed over Bourdais cockpit, the bottom of Tracy's car clobbered Bourdais helmet knocking him out. Bourdais was cleared at the hospital with no injurys and is expected to run at the next event in Tronto.


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