Monday, June 05, 2006

Bullet Proof Bourdais

Sebastien Bourdais appeared bullet proof as he claimed his fourth victory at the Milwaukee mile Sunday, a track that had bested him in previous attempts. Bourdais suffered a punctured right rear tire on lap twenty and pitting under green for a change put him a lap down to the field.

The rest of the field, small though it may have been due to yet another first lap crash that took out four cars of the 16 starters, must have been licking their chops at the thought of SB being a lap down. – Note to Champ Car, getting tired of first lap carnage, do something -.

On lap twenty six another yellow helped Bourdais to regain some track position and when the leaders pitted in a sort of out of sequence strategy Katherine Legg who started 8th and finished 6th, inherited the lead, becoming the first female to ever lead a Champ car race. When the race went green she was able to hold of Wilson quite well but finally succumbed to him while overtaking lapped traffic.

Mean while Bourdais was slowly working his way back to the front, inheriting the lead during the leader’s second stop and was able to race away from everyone the rest of the way, winning his fourth race in as many starts.

Attendance - promoters announced a ticket distribution of 28,357 for the Champ Car World Series event, about 2,000 more than one year earlier. Actual attendance was estimated at 20,000. Although attendance is less than half of the peak of a decade ago, the crowd Sunday was at least double the size of that for the 2005 race.


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