Monday, May 15, 2006

128,000 Watch Bourdais Light up Houston

Well, Houston is in the books and Bourdais is still dominating the Champ Car scene. In spite of a handful of troubles that might have stymied lesser competitors Bourdais took advantage everything given to him during the race to win his second straight race of the young season. The event was attended by an estimated 128,000 fans.

Bourdais times were disallowed on the first day of qualifying when his car failed tech for being 3 pounds underweight. Not something you would expect of the Newman Hass guys! Bourdais eventually qualified an unfamiliar 5th for the race. Then during the first pit stop the concrete gave way under the rear air jack causing a longer than expected pit stop and a shuffle for the lead.

Eventually Dominguez, leading after the first pit stop, missed a turn and although he was able to get back on track unassisted gave up the lead and the race to Bourdais.

How was the track you asked? Too rough, I was surprise they weren’t breaking suspensions as they did in San Jose! An aerial view of the track revealed a funnel shaped entry into the first turn, a chicane made temporary traffic cones to slow the cars before the originally designed turn 1. It’s no wonder the start of the race was single file and only slightly a faster pace than during a caution. Perhaps Champ Car needs a track guru too assist with these new venues!

But they all made it through the first turn without an incident. I guess they had to do something to keep all 17 cars entered from wiping out on the first lap. (he said with tongue cheek)


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