Thursday, February 16, 2006

A New Legge on the Gas Pedal

PKV has announced that Ms Legge will occupy one their two seats for the 2006 season and I say hurrah!

I will admit to being one the nay sayers when the idea was first floated. My concern was putting her in with the big boys could have a negative effect on her confidence and might ruin an otherwise promising new driver. Not that there aren’t other young up and comers that could do equally well but none of them are female.

Female - There in lies the conundrum! How do you manage a driver that has all the potential of being a star and being female that could benefit immensely from another year in the Atlantics.

The testing she did certainly indicates that she should be able avoid being a back marker. It is said that she is an avid trainer and demonstrates a strong commitment to the sport.

In my opinion then she should be considered for this years ride and the underlying reason is not that this driver is female but it is the switch to the new car in 2007. If PKV waited until 2007 when the new car is scheduled for use I fear that adding that to the mix might be one too many things to master in a rookie year, especially if the PKV team isn’t the first to figure out the new livery. Having a years experience with a more level playing field should serve her well in 2007.

So Kate, here’s wishing you the best.


Blogger patrick said...

Katherine Legge did some of the commentary for the British champcar tv coverage last year, and I have to say that, while I've never seen her race, I was impressed with how down to earth and intelligent she came across, in contrast with an awful lot of young drivers.

Montagny, Pantano, Dalziel or Briscoe would all have been quicker though (and to be fair, even she has said as much).

3:21 AM  

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