Friday, February 24, 2006

Oh No Not Again, Is it May Already?

Here we go again, merger talks between the IRL and CCWS. Only this time the speculation is based on TG and KK actually being in attendance. Of course this only lends credibility to the outgrowth of rumors and now even some who previously didn't believe are getting excited.

The speculators have already divided up the spoils, set the rules, made the schedule even agreed on the chassis and engine combination.

But wait how many times do I gotta remind you - these are two separate business, privately owned and operated, not having to answer to the stockholders. No one really knows what the two owners agendas are but themselves.

They can continue operating as long as they want. At least until it becomes impossible to finance the operation.

It's their businesses and they can do with them what they please; and they should.

Until they run out of money or spirit.


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