Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Attendance Record at Surfers Paradise

Attendance for the Champ Car event at Surfers has been put at approximately 315,000, setting a record for Champ Car.

Attendance is calculated by adding up the number of attendees at each day of the event, meaning those that attend each day are counted multiple times and this in my opinion skews the actual total number higher than it really is. As long as the same technique is used for attendance at each event you can get a fair comparison event to event.

The attendance used to be estimated by Goodyear when they were still in the business and when they left an independent agency was contracted to do it. I don't know the technique used but some such agencies use crowd density to make their estimates.

WickerBill Sez;

I would like to see the attendance be a measure of how many different sets of eyeballs actually were there. Surely this information is available from the ticket sales information. Seems like you could count the ticket sales and arrive at total attendance, minus no shows. The attendance could be given for each day as before and would be more representative of the actual sets of eyeballs. Other numbers could be included in the total such as any freebees that might have been there.

No matter how it would be done I would prefer a more accurate accounting of the attendance


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