Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tortious Interference

Should CCWS become a party to a suit claiming Tortious Interference with the Montreal Grand Prix where it is suspected that the promoter and the IRL were cooking up a scheme to oust CCWS and replace it with an IRL NASCAR event in 2006 even though CCWS has a contract for 2006?

IMO there are many reasons to shy away from such a suit not the least of which is that according to Norman Legault there is no such agreement with the IRL and they plan to hold the CCWS event as contracted in 2006. I think that even if they could prove that there were some behind the scenes negotiations they would have almost no chance of proving Tortious Interference.

A suit of this kind might have a negative impact on the series in the press; the risk reward ratio may not be worth it.

Even if a judgment favorable to CCWS were found what do they win......a few dollars? CCWS should focus on the business of racing and when the series is once again strong enough the venues will come to them.

I believe that although this ploy by the IRL may have been seriously grounded the effort was exploratory in nature and they knew going in it wasn't likely to happen.

My advice to CCWS is to file this one in the dead file along with reunification and get on with business.


Blogger Paul Bell said...

Honestly, no, I don't think it would be in the long term interest of the series. Montreal is an important market and a suit like that would probably burn any bridges into it.

Let's hope the CCWS folks and Mssr. Legault can work out their differences, or barring that the CCWS can find a new home in Quebec....maybe the annoyed would-be Quebec City IRL promoter? Hmmm.....

10:47 AM  

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