Sunday, August 14, 2005

da Matta Takes Out 20 % of Field in First Turn of Denver Grand Prix

The Grand Prix of Denver was inherited today by Sebastian Bourdais. Bourdais was running in second when Tracy, while leading, decided to test the wall....... the wall won. Sebastian never gave up the lead and won the race easily, cementing his points lead in the series. daMatta apparently tought he could gain on the pack and overcooked it in the first turn taking out himself and three others. The three day event was attended by an estimated 150,000 fans and increase of 38,000 thousand over last years attendance of 112,00

WickerBill sez;

Duh Matta, what was he thinking?

Duh Tracy, what was he thinking?

CCWS continues to win the attendance battles. Attendance continues to be strong.

The race ended on lap count not minute count..........thank you!


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