Thursday, September 15, 2005

Champcar 06 Looking Good....Other League???

The 2006 season is looking pretty good for CCWS. The schedule is completed, the 07 chassis and engine specs are just around the corner, the 05 season is winding down without much controversy and the other series seems to be in a bit of a twit.

Over at the other league there's talk of Toyota buying out Ganassi and Pen$ke.....Just what Pen$ke needs, more money, so they can quit a year earlier. Red Bull is rumored to be dumping Cheever next year. I'm betting they come on as the Atlantics presenting sponsor. The other league's schedule has been shortened by 3 events to 14. Nation says it's to bring more focus to what they do..Ahem..Ok spin it any way you want I say it's about MONEY! They also say there isn't enough time to bring on another engine manufacturer for the 07 season - well then if not Honda will be out in 07.

So now Toyota and Honda are set to wipe yet out another racing series. Let's hope that OWR has learned it's lessons. I think KK understood that long ago!

Bring back Offenhauser.


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