Monday, July 25, 2005

IRL's Panther Racing not Moving to CCWS

Panther rejects CCWS offer to join.

Panther Racing has confirmed that they were in discussions with CCWS about moving. They have confirmed that CCWS had made them an offer to come over but refused to comment on the details of the offer because of the confidentiality agreement they signed.

As for the engine supplier for next year Barnes said Chevrolet officials have met with their Cosworth counterparts in England about extending their contract, although an agreement has not been reached. And if Chevy doesn't return they will go with Honda.

WickerBill Sez;

When the rumor first surfaced two weeks ago it was tied to the fact that the sponsers - Pennzoil - might be going for the pacific rim exposure, China particularly, that CCWS will have. With todays word that they have decided to stay in the IRL it leads me to wonder if the CCWS thing was initiated by Panther or CCWS. There's more here than will every be known by us.

It seems Panther is willing to risk a one year ride with Honda for the Greatest Spectacle giving Honda's willingness to quit the IRL at the end of 2006 if they end up being the sole engine supplier.

We haven't heard the last this!


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