Sunday, July 31, 2005

Katherine trying to get a Legge up.

Katherine Legge must have heard KK loud an clear at Saturdays press conference where he announced the new Champ Car Atlantics Championship (CCAC) would use Cosworth engines and a new Swift chassis. Also announced was a 2 million dollar prize for the winner.

KK said - Well, as we don't know who are the teams and how many there will be in '07, we're just saying "selected" at this minute. But I think there will be team owners that will be very enthusiastic to be able to get hold of a championship winner with a $2 million check in his pocket or her pocket. That's a clue, Katherine. Get your butt going.

Get her Butt going she did as she took home first place in the Atlantics race at the San Jose Grand Prix.

WickerBill Sez;

Think she knows the way to San Jose?


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