Monday, July 18, 2005

200,000 Plus at Edmondton

With the weekend fan total surpassing 200,000 it appears that Edmondton has assured itself of a place on the Champ Car Schedule for the foreseeable future. The race wasn't bad either although the outcome was somewhat unpredictable as the final laps unfolded. Bourdais was the eventual winner as we all watched and wondered if there would be yet another winner in the circle only to see Dinger stick it in the wall, something he had come close to doing many times during the race.

This was a race Champ Car could hang their hat on!

WickerBill Sez;

Tired of writing about timed races and very gald I didn't have to do it again.
Outstanding Crowd - Attention other venues ........beat that!
Dinger needs to settle down a bit and the first win will come.
How about all that agression from Wilson - way to go Justin. Can't wait to see you and Tracy do battle, oh perhaps I should throw in Bourdais. These three might never finish on the podium together!


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