Sunday, July 10, 2005

The 1:45 Toronto Molson Indy

Justin Wilson gave notice in Portland that he is a factor to be reckoned with and today found victory lane as he won the timed event in Toronto. The race went almost flawlessly for the first half then a sea of yellow flags tainted the latter part of the race causing it to be cut short because of the 1 hour 45 minute rule. Servia finished second an Tagliani came in third.

Paul Tracy drew the early exit card when he ran out of fuel while leading . He was driving the second stint with only half of his front wing which was torn off when he and Bourdais momentarily occupied the same space as they exited the pits. Tracy had short filled in an attempt to pass Bourdais during that stop. At the end of the second stint as Tracy was about to enter the pit for fuel a yellow came out and that was it, he ran out of fuel as he passed pit lane. Tracy's team said they were not planning to change the front wing on the stop as Tracy was maintaining the lead with the car as is.

WickerBill Sez;

Very good show in Toronto, it had everything. The Champ Car Series can feel good about the whole affair.

Another timed event with to much BS up front. CCWS must review the program make up and find a way to complete these races. Finishing under yellow added to the disappointment!

Tracy did a terrific job on his second stint running with only half of a front wing, it must have been frustrating to the other drivers as they failed to catch the crippled Tracy.


Blogger Thinice_9 said...

Just a SWAG but I would think with Tracy's half wing the fuel calculations got blown away. Still it was impressive. I really would have liked to have seen it played out till the end of the race.

9:18 AM  

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