Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CCWS 07 Good Bad Ugly - You Decide

Here are SOME of the high/low lights of 07. You categorize them.

KK cavorting with penguins.
GF cavorting……..somewhere since the Houston event.
Turmoil in the front office?
Steve Johnson’s duties adjusted, Tony Cotman assumes day to day responsibilities.
New car introduced and successfully debugged.
Two teams merged, resulting in 1 car less than before the merger.
Only 17 cars show up on race day.
3 races cancelled - Phoenix China Denver.
Attendance down Edmonton up at Cleveland.
Overall attendance up - down?
Las Vegas success questionable.
Las Vegas in question for 08.
CCWS rumored to be in negotiations to buy Vegas.
Musical drivers continues.
Pay for ride continues
Teams continue to struggle for sponsors.
Schedule for 08 not finalized.
Fan base growing or getting smaller.
De-credentialed Robin Miller - 1 less to write about CCWS.
Where are the sponsors SJ has been working on.
CDW rumored to be out.
New venues for 08.
08 schedule rumored to have only has 5 US races.
Two more Europe events rumored for 08.
One less street race in 08 San Jose gone.
Portland gone for 08 – one less road course.
Laguna Seca back for 08.
Team owners rumored to be questioning the direction of CCWS.
Rusoport call it quits.


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