Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Champ Car vs Mother Nature

As evidenced in the latest crash fest Champ Car has the potential to be a more exciting series if only we would wet down the track at some point during the race. Perhaps we could provide a few fans located strategically around the course with garden hoses and radios so that race control could instruct them on when to use them.

Well of course this is nonsense but my how the chase has changed since Mother Nature has volunteered her services lately. My prophetic question in the Cleveland column when Bourdais DNF’d, ”Is there more to come” seems to have been answered in the affirmative.

With Bourdais out of first place, but certainly not out of the chase, the championship is only in question if Mother Nature continues to Rain on the Champ Car parade or if the fans get their hoses!

Bourdais claims to have been “taking it easy to avoid problems” but it looks to me like is a less skillful mudder than some of the other drivers. Is this a chink in is armor?

I still cannot give a good grade to the most recent effort for two reasons: The first lap shenanigans that put PT in the wall and the reckless abandon that some showed on the rain slickened track. The series must find a way to get race started with all cars running for at least one lap, I for one am not interested in the NASCAR like bump and crash racing.

Bourdais must have gone to anger management class last week; he didn’t seem upset with the take down that Doornbos scored that took him out of the race. So now I guess we will have to watch to see if the Wilson/Dalziel tangle will develop into something more exciting.

Coyne’s team might have had an even better day had Kat not been taken out in the PT incident, with Bruno finishing fifth. Both he and Kat had found something that must have had pit row buzzing when Bruno finished P1 and Kat P4 in the morning warm up. I was really looking forward to seeing how both would do in the race.

When I spoke of others trying alternates strategies in my Cleveland column it was tongue-in-cheek , hopefully Rahal didn’t take it seriously even though he did try to repeat Tracy’s three wing win as he went about creating a shortage of front wing spares in the NHL transporter.

All in all the race was OK, given there is now at least some hope that a championship race will be more than a single driver wide. Still, if the remainder of the events are dry look for the championship morph back into a one man show.


Blogger patrick said...

I remember suggesting after the Hungarian Grand Prix last year that the rulemakers should designate certain races as 'wet' and put sprinklers down around the track. The Hungaroring, in particular, is pretty dull in the dry. Same goes for some of the overtaking-free street tracks champ car goes to.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, and disallow wet tires.

11:13 PM  

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