Monday, August 14, 2006

Allmendinger Makes it Four in Denver

AJ A collected his fourth win of the season at Denver, besting the field in a wild a woolly event. AJ's crew out strategized (sic) the Bourdais crew putting AJ out on the last stint with the Bridgestone blacks allowing AJ to pull away from Bourdais who had worn out his Reds long before his last stop.

Although Tracy, who had no P to P left, was well ahead of Bourdais on the final stint when Bourdais and his new Blacks came storming back catching and passing Tracy wide at the entrance to the last turn of the race. Anyone that knows Tracy knew he wouldn't let that go unchallenged and when he saw the inside open he blasted into it lost grip and knocked Bourdais and himself out of the race finish.

An angry Bourdais ran across the track and pointed a finger at Tracy and gave him a shove, ala Tag two weeks ago.

All of this allowed Junqueria and Dan Clark to get podium finishes,

WickerBill sez;

Tires: What are the REDS for qualifying????
Will Bourdais finally draw a real penalty for shoving Tracy and not just a slap on the wrist?
First turn report: No carnage.........well not at the turn - Tag spun Tracy and busted the front suspension. Hey CCWS, still waiting for a clean First lap race!


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