Thursday, January 12, 2006

Straight From Robin Miller

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Random thoughts, wishes and predictions for 2006 from a man who hasn't received any Christmas glasses from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway since 1995 (hmm, wonder if there's a message) but who still spent $500 at the IMS gift shops last month.

It might be too WWF/NASCAR-like but it sure would be cool to see Bruno Junqueira standing in victory lane at Long Beach.

Be nice to see spring training televised on SPEED.

I hope PKV Racing makes the right choices for its '06 driver lineup and doesn't rush Katherine Legge into a Champ Car too soon just because she turned a couple of fast laps at Sebring. Another year of Atlantics would suit her best.

Sebastien Bourdais and Paul Tracy will both be invited to IROC, work together in the draft and beat Mark Martin on the last lap at Daytona to send the Jethros into a bottle-throwing rage.

I want Phil Giebler, Matt Jaskol and Bobby Wilson to be in good Atlantic rides in '06 so they can show their stuff and then take the next step.

I believe A.J. Allmendinger will win three times in '06, shake his fist twice at Paul Tracy and elope with one of the Miss Indy girls in Australia.

The Champ Car calendar is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time and it needs some mass distribution.

I understand Dale Coyne has narrowed his driver choices to four Brazilians, three Italians, two Brits and a Sperafico in a pear tree.

I hope the powers at Champ Car realize the equity they've got in Ryan Hunter-Reay and find him a good ride for '06.

If Jimmy Vasser decides to keep driving, I hope he wins Long Beach and then retires in victory lane, ala Sam Hanks at Indy in 1957.

Could we take up a collection and get hearing aids for Newman & Haas?

I want to see Gerald Forsythe unbutton the top button of his dress shirt -- just once.

I want to see Bronte Tagliani unbutton the....... sorry Tags.

Bourdais will accuse Tracy of driving like an idiot at least three times by July.

I want to see Kevin Kalkhoven and Tony George play a game of Monopoly -- using real money.

Justin Wilson will be Bourdais' tallest challenge in '06 -- literally and figuratively.

I hope Ralph Hansen can find a sponsor to keep Oriol Servia employed at Newman/Haas.

Sure would be cool to see Mike Lanigan and Eric Bachelart score a major sponsor and keep Andrew Ranger on board.

Does anybody else think Carl Russo drinks too much Red Bull?

Tracy will question Bourdais' manhood, give him a brake job entering the pits and denounce the French foreign legion during the Montreal weekend.

I hope Cedric the Entertainer brings some real cake to HVM.

Champ Car needs young American drivers more than ever before.

Like to see Cristiano da Matta stay in Champ Car, he still adds stature and class.

Derrick Walker isn't in his usual mad scramble to keep the doors open because Team Australia is solvent and looking to expand.

Champ Car needs to hire Mario Andretti to drive the 2-seater at every venue, charge $2,000 for three laps and use the money to fund an up and coming racer.

Ronnie Bremer deserves another shot, he's got talent.

If promising Michael McDowell drives for RocketSports, I hope he gets a veteran teammate who can help speed up his learning curve.

Like to see Patrick Carpentier back in Champ Car. Ditto for Michel Jourdain. Those two sell a lot of tickets in Canada and Mexico.

Having failed at Long Beach and Toronto, the IRL will attempt to steal the Champ Car race in San Jose but Kalkhoven and Forsythe will have already secretly purchased California.

Bourdais and Tracy will team up for the Baja 1000, get into an argument 100 miles into the race and not speak again until Seb's wedding to Claire, where P.T. will serve as best man.

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