Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pacific Coast Motorsports Coming to Champ Car

PCM has announced a two car effort beginning next season and they have drivers. Alex Figge and Ryan Dalziel will drive for the team. Tom Figge, owner of PCM started out as an Atlantic team in 2003 and captured the title in 2004 with Jon Fogarty.

"We started in open wheel racing and we never wanted to leave it but with the state of open wheel two years ago Tom opted to stay in road racing and try Grand Am," said Tyler Tadevic, team director for PCM. "Buying a Lola and trying to come in cold and compete with Newman/Haas and Forsythe didn't seem too practical either.

"Obviously, the new Champ Car evens things out and Kevin seems to have a good business plan so here we are. We've got two good, young drivers, some commercial partners we will be announcing soon and a three-year plan."

WickerBill sez;

Car count 07
Let's score this one "In the Bag"
A three year plan eh? Hope that is commercial partners for three years!


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