Monday, February 26, 2007

Steve Johnson out at Champ Car!

Well if he isn't he should be! I haven't liked the pick since the day it was announced and two big reasons are:

His resume and his resume! How's that you say? Check it out! He has a propensity to change jobs frequently. What the best predictor of future behavior........that's right, past behavior!
Further I believe that what is needed at Champ Car or any other business is a genuine manager, a single strong leader is better than just someone that has a racing background.

And now Robin Miller is telling us that S.J. doesnt even live near headquarters and only comes in to work occasionally.

Let me tell you, from years of experience, when a guy takes a job out of town and doesn't bother to move to the new job location he's not COMMITTED.

The following quote is from the 2/25/07 Robin Miller article "Silence not necessarily golden"

On the business side, all the crowing about a title sponsor for the season opener in Las Vegas has stopped because evidently the deal has come apart.

At the press conference, it was dubbed "The Las Vegas Grand Prix Fueled By VISA" and carried that moniker on the website until a couple weeks ago. Now it's simply the Vegas Grand Prix. No mention of VISA.And one must wonder if this loss could impact the season finale at Phoenix, which shares the same promoters.

The general lack of information about cars, drivers and races falls in line with Champ Car's overall lack of leadership and communication. The SCCA-flavored front office is clueless about marketing, promoting and public relations -- not to mention open-wheel racing.Hirings and firings are totally irrational, just like dumping the pace-car program, losing Ford as an ally, running China during May, taking advice from Gentilozzi, sticking with terrible television production partners and having one race a month from October through December.

What appeared to be a breath of fresh air a few years ago now has that same old, stale taste and reinforces the theory that car owners cannot competently run a series. Especially when one is in California, one is in the midwest and their point man (Steve Johnson) still lives in Kansas and makes it into the office at least four days a month.
End quote:

Link to Miller article


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