Wednesday, March 23, 2005

NASCAR on the Streets of Toronto!

The Winston- Salem Journal recently indicated that NASACR has a desire to race in Canada. To that end they report that NACSAR will be on a fact finding tour in Montreal and Toronto. They also indicate that that CCWS's contracts could easliy be bought out.

WickerBill sez:


Give me a break.... 43 3400 pound behemoths on a street course, they'll wear out the yellow flag.

At least they're beginning to understand that racing is more than running in circles!

Post correction courtesy john rodman 3/26


Anonymous John Rodman said...

Yo Bill, that is 43(not 45) 3400 (not 3000) pound behemoths, and ah, ever been to Watkins Glenn...? You know, wine country, finger lakes, upstate NY? Home of the US Grand Prix for decades... the Nascar guys do quite well there.

And last time I checked Champ Car has its roots in some big oval called the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. That the George family has reduced the 500 to a shell of itself, and created nothing but acrimony in the US open wheel community is no reason to throw brickbats at our better half. Without stock car racing in the US there be no racing at all.

The interest in open wheel, sportscars, F1 etc in the US is because NASCAR brought its fan base to the rest of us.

NASCAR is doing it right. The rest of us are the flatfoots who can't keep up.

Chill Out.

6:28 PM  

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